Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Journey from January 2020 to June 2021

Fahad Ashiq ⚡
6 min readJun 20, 2021

Some Activities being a Student Ambassador:

I joined Microsoft learn student ambassador program back in January 2020. The very first event being a Student Ambassador we conducted in February 2020 in UET which is physical event where I talked about the Microsoft student ambassador program in front of 50+ students.

(National Summit 2020 — Islamabad)

After this we almost 60+ ambassadors from Pakistan invited to Islamabad for National Imagine Cup 2020 it was two day funded trip form Microsoft.

Our community recent Events and Collaborations:

Right After March 2020, COVID19 was break and all the activities have become online so for next 9 months all the activities have became online and the very first virtual session I give my second talk for the students of MSP UOL Community Lahore on Common DevOps Practice Knowledge.

The Third session I conducted in April 2020 which is again online and my common practice was that time was DevOps. as this was also my final year going on and you all know the hectic of final year of Bachelor’s degree but all the hassle going beside this programs keeps motivate to learn, share and grow in my respective community of developers, programmers and to interact with technical guru’s by learning new different tech trends and stacks.

Also, delivered the international talk as well with the help of Daniela who is gold student ambassador from Peru, America.

Session Agenda:
[This saturday December 19, 11am(GMT-5) We will have Fahad Ashiq as speaker, he is Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador from Lahore Pakistan, with his talk: “DevOps Talk with Dev Boy”. ]

We Conducted, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Lahore Meetup after the COVID19 situation got better here in Pakistan Back in November 2020.

Session Agenda: We are growing and yes Insha’Allah we are trying our best to build this community strong and worthful for everyone who is interested to learn Microsoft technologies. We are nothing without your support. MLSA Lahore community meetup after a long break due to #COVID19 We had Good time to interact with fellow MLSA who are new to this program. Thankyou everyone for coming today Looking forward to grow with all of you! Cheers

#MLSA #Microsoft #community #learning #Meetup

After this keep the loop going on in May 2021, I was invited by the Student Ambassadors’ Club — Mehran UET, Jamshoro for the session regarding personal branding ⚡.

Agenda: Organized a webinar on “How to build your digital persona” in collaboration with Student Ambassadors club and WomenIn Tech Jamshoro at Microsoft Teams on 1st May 2021.

Guest speaker of the session was Mr. Fahad Ashiq.

We are thankful to all the participants who attended the session.

Recording of the event is available

Through this long way to come far to co-leading the Microsoft Community Lahore of 3000+ including students, professionals, freelancing the main idea to create awareness of how tech can bring opportunities in the local community by using Microsoft trending technologies, we aim in three words Learn. Share. Grow!

Microsoft Learn — Lahore community is going to expand it’s circle to teach the latest technology trends of Microsoft Technologies. The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Program is a worldwide educational program to sponsor students majoring in disciplines related to technology. The Microsoft Learn student program attempts to enhance students’ employability by offering training in skills not usually taught in academia, including knowledge of Microsoft technologies. I am co-leading this community with my University, Batch fellow Saad Aslam who is good friend of mine, we are trying our best to build this community to promote the latest Microsoft technologies in local community for specially students, professionals and mentors. We do have active accounts on social handles you can check out our work we are doing by visiting the link below:


Recently, we have collaborated with COLABS, Deveining’s, Stacks Pakistan and Devsinc.

Collaborated with

for their Hackathon!

Collaborated with @Devsinc for their virtual Hackathon:

Collaborated with

for the next year as a Tech Community Partner.

Our last event was MeetCon 0.1 which was held at COLABS where we entertain the student ambassadors from different institutes from Lahore
having technical session, gold ambassadors and all the tech professionals and students who want career guidance, program help and outreach in conducting the local events in their respective institutes. I was moderating the Fireside Chat with fellow ambassadors.

The Happy face with few fellow ambassadors from Lahore and tech professionals:

We had also collaborate with tech various communities, community spaces and tech companies to provide and give access to latest tech trends, opportunities and facilities to our community members which they can avail and excel it in their professional lives. Our communities are purely inclusive for all over the Pakistan.

We have also recently launched our website also to make this community more vibrant and to inspire more student ambassador fellows to learn and avail from this program to maximum.

Website Link:

We are also planning our upcoming event Tech تہوار 🎉 we also lined up the different sessions and collaborators and participants for this event with the better and bigger force to execute this two day event to mark the disruption together on 26 and 27 June 2021.

We are excited to announce the total count for all the collaborations, speakers, and days for Tech تہوار who are going to mark a remarkable disruption together.

Register Now:

I and Saad Aslam with the team behind we are executing all things to motivate maximum students to get into this ambassador program and get all the exposure we have gained being conducting these event with last 1.5 years and still counting. I am always open to guide and help you. That’s all for this blog. Keep growing Everyone ❤








Fahad Ashiq ⚡

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