Dev Experience 2020 - 2022 [2-Years]

Fahad Ashiq ⚡
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Hello - In this blog I will share my 2 years of work experience in IT domain.

I started working as a full time trainee in VU Solutions Private LTD back in March 2019 when I was in my 6th semester of my Bachelor’s Degree (BSCS) from Government College University, Lahore. I worked almost 6 months for unpaid internship in web development. I worked with VU Solution team in their Web Project which are using C#, ASP.NET, MS-SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap. That was the time when we are about to give proposal for our Final Year Projects and to submit our semester projects as well. In my 6th semester I have chosen a elective subject Artificial Intelligence and I developed a “Movie Rating app based on the positive and negative comments” using ASP.NET framework in Visual Studio 2019 this is my first project to get dive in the .NET world. I know that was my bad decision to choose a NLP related project in .NET framework but somehow by exploring ML.NET and IMDB Movie Rating Dataset available opensource I have managed to learn from it and complete it in the given time.

After Completing 6 Months of internship, I will get a paid internship offer in October 2019 when I was in my final year mean last year of my degree (BSCS), meanwhile I have proposed the Online Admission System for my Final year project using (C#, HTML5, Bootstrap5, CSS3, JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, LateX) with paid internship along with my Final year project in my last year I have learned a lot about the industry standard work ethics the main thing I want to mention about is get yourself aligned with the market needs not what university wants us to teach because its been more than decade(10 years) the gap between our academia and industry is still needs to be eradicated but rather than bash the system improve yourselves before time you will definitely get your desired working role, job or opportunity. while working for my second company and secured A+ in my final year project. After completing One (1) year of work with my second company I have make switch to another company after my completing my degree in October 2020.

I joined BitsClan PVT LTD in November 2020, this is my first full time job after completing 4 year degree, In new company I worked as a Junior Web Engineer, learned and have worked in some new trending technologies, tools and stacks including Vue.js, WebFlow, Trello, WebEx basic work related to react and angular. I worked with BitsClan team for almost 6 months and secured a full time Software Engineer Position in current company where I am working right now. I must say I have quite short time in BitsClan but growth should your ultimate goal. Here I want to mention one important thing. In your technical work experience in a specific company either you learn or earn, either is fine and both are best but if you feel not to have any of them then quite and move forward.

I have Joined Enghouse Interactive: (Enghouse Systems Limited is a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions serving a variety of distinct vertical market) in June 2021 as a full time Software Engineer where I am working in their products called Web Admin, ARC PRO, CUAC Advance, CUAC Standard and CTI Server. I get chance to get my hand experienced in Desktop Application, Web Applications and Worker Services as well. I am working and using the mentioned tools & technologies including Visual Studio 2022, .NET 6.0, SVN, Hyper-V Virtual Machines, Jenkins, Jira, .NET MVC, MS-SQL, MS Teams.

That’s all for this blog. Keep growing Everyone ❤








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